Emergency Relief of Pain

Do not hesitate to seek help. Urgent dental care is provided usually the same day.

Hygiene and Preventative

General dentistry is for patients of all ages offering complete, comprehensive dental health care.

Implant Restorations

We work toward creating youthful smiles for patients whose natural teeth require replacement.

Restorative and Cosmetic

A beautiful smile contributes to a better mood and boosts self-esteem.


Cosmetic Dentist South lake Union

Welcome to Dentist Downtown Seattle

If you are in search of a dental office in Seattle that understands the evolution of oral health care and will strive to ensure that a care plan is customized to your unique needs, the Dentist Downtown Seattle Clinic is for you! We know and understand that the residents of this seaport city seek and have a passion for diversity. Our oral health care team in South Lake Union recognizes our patients’ appreciation for diversification. Our practitioners also realize that everyone’s oral health care concerns and needs are unique. We collaborate with our patients and make sure that we give the highest level of care to every concern and issue that they face to ensure optimal satisfaction.

The professionals at this downtown office offer an expansive range of preventative care, basic maintenance, and corrective oral health care services and treatments. It does not matter if you are in search of professional cleanings, correcting tooth imperfections, eliminating unsightly stains, or simply want to have the most beautiful smile possible, the mouth care clinic in Seattle, WA will work to create a customized plan that will have you smiling with the highest level of confidence! The process initiates with an introductory visit where the specially-trained professionals within our facility will work to examine the general state of your teeth, review your medical history, and determine your overall oral health based on your oral hygiene habits.

Well-Rounded Dentist, Well-Rounded Dental Health

The Dentist Downtown Seattle practitioners provide a multitude of procedures and services. This include, but, are not at all limited to, the following:

  • Family Care
  • Gentle Techniques for Patients That Are Sensitive and/or Require a More Hands-On Approach
  • Routine Evaluations
  • Routine Cleanings
  • Whitening Treatments to Reduce Visible Discoloration and/or Stains
  • Procedures to Correct Teeth That Have Chips and Breaks
  • Cosmetic Services
  • Emergency Teeth Services

The healthcare practitioners at this dentist office possess the knowledge that balance is a critical aspect of your oral health. Each of the members of our team work hard to provide you with the suitable balance of aesthetics and oral health care services to keep you smiling; but, above all, to keep that smile beautiful for the duration of a lifetime! We strive to improve the quality of your life by engaging in services and techniques that will optimize your oral health, improve the appearance of your teeth, boost your confidence, and improve your self-image.

Here at Dentist Downtown Seattle, we place a high priority on your appearance; however, we do so in such a way that is relaxing and comfortable for you. The orthodontist team at our South Lake Union clinic feels that a partnership must be established with each patient in order to ensure the absolute best care. We know that your smile is the focal point of your appearance. In fact, we value it as your best asset. We offer preventive care, restorative services, and cosmetic services to make certain that your smile holds the highest level of value possible! Visit our dental office today and our highly-knowledgeable and friendly team guarantees you will enjoy the absolute best and healthiest smile possible for the rest of your tomorrows!

Cosmetic Dentist South lake Union

Emergency Relief of Pain

Hygiene and Preventative

Implant Restorations

Restorative and Cosmetic

Dental Anxiety

We offer a wide range of services to help you overcome your fear and finally enjoy good oral health.

Missing Teeth

We can restore your smile, as well as speaking & eating ability with advanced prosthetics.

Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can be caused by various problems. Oral examination can help determine the cause.

Periodontal Disease

We offer a variety of periodontal treatments, customized for your specific health needs.

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