Dental Crowns and Bridges

Dentist Downtown Seattle is based in South Lake Union, Seattle, WA offers dental crown and dental bridge services to those that require it. Crowns and most dental bridges are considered to be fixed prosthetic-based devices. This means that the products are cemented onto teeth or implants located within the mouth. If you have a desire to improve the appearance of your smile and optimize your oral health, crowns and bridges are ideal solutions.

Dental Crown

An orthopedic crown completely covers or caps a tooth that is damaged. According to Seattle oral health specialists, a crown is a secure and ideal way to fill gaps within the mouth and completely restore the appearance of your smile if you have one or more missing teeth or teeth that are damaged to one degree or another. Additionally, these prosthetic devices aid in the processes of biting and chewing. A dental crown is helpful in strengthening teeth, improving the appearance of the teeth, aligning the teeth, and shaping the teeth. You may opt for crowns that are the color of your natural teeth, are gold, are composed of other types of metal-based alloys, are acrylic, or are ceramic. A dentist may recommend the integration of this type of device in the mouth to:

  • Attach a Dental Bridge
  • Offer Protection to a Weak Tooth
  • Restore a Tooth That Has Been Fractured
  • Act as a Cover to an Already-Present Implant
  • Cover a Tooth That is Improperly Shaped and/or Discolored
  • Provide a Cover to a Tooth Following Treatment of the Root Canal
Dental Crown Bridges Seattle


A dental bridge is most often offered and put into place if a tooth is missing. If a tooth is missing, it will result in a gap that could result in remaining teeth to shift. As a result, detriment to the bite may occur. Furthermore, imbalances as a result of gaps may lead to the development of more serious oral health issues, such as TMJ disorder and gum disease. Bridges are cemented directly to the teeth that are present in the mouth – whether natural or implanted. The present teeth are identified as “abutments”. They are – more or less – a type of anchor for the dental bridge. In most instances, crowns cover these abutments. A special type of replacement tooth – which is identified as a “pontic” – is then attached to the already-present crowns. There are multiple materials that you may choose; however, an oral health care professional will work with you on the selection due to the factors that must be considered. Examples of these factors include the location where the bridge will be placed, the function of the tooth that is missing or damaged, and the aesthetic-based considerations.


Dentist Downtown Seattle has an entire team of specialists that are highly-knowledgeable when it comes to dental crown and dental bridge services. This South Lake Union office not only knows the most opportune times to place these prosthetic devices in the mouth, but, they will assist you in ensuring that these devices last a lifetime. Our specialists will help make the process of fitting these devices in your mouth easy and comfortable. Immediately following the placement of a bridge and/or crown, you will be provided with simply oral hygiene tips that will help you keep your new smile vibrant and attractive for the duration of your lifetime. You no longer have to be a prisoner to unsightly or missing teeth. Schedule an appointment today and our friendly staff will ensure that you have the care you need, when you need it most!


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