Root Canals

The term “root canal” has an uncanny knack for striking fear into the hearts of potential dental patients. Fortunately, there is no need to be concerned if you choose Dentist Downtown Seattle, your comfort is our number one priority. Before we go too much further though, let’s take a look at what a root canal is exactly and why you may need this procedure.

First things first, what is a root canal?

A root canal is a method used to treat and potentially save a tooth that has become very badly infected or has begun decaying. Sounds pretty straight forward right, but how is one performed? Essentially a root canal removes all of the infected or decaying pulp from the center of your tooth. This is done by using a drill or file to hollow out the center of your tooth (a.k.a. the root). This pulp is comprised of blood vessels and nerves that are damaged beyond salvage. After removing the infected or decaying pulp from the inside of your tooth the dentist is then going to clean the area and seal it with a filling.

Why do we even consider performing a root canal here at Dentist Downtown Seattle though when we could simply remove the tooth? The fact is that extraction is often last option the dentist wants to explore. Procedures like root canals can save your teeth and allow you to continue using them as normal after a relatively short recovery period.

Root Canal Seattle

Keeping it Pain Free Is Our Goal

Often times people are immediately intimidated when we mention a root canal. This is because there is an association between the procedure and extreme pain. This simply is not the normal experience with a root canal. Pain levels our patients describe are typically minimal and are often compared with the same level of discomfort of having a filling put in place. More often the pain that you experience leading up to the procedure (from the infection in the tooth) is much more severe than the pain of the procedure to fix it.

And above all else at Dentist Downtown Seattle we always strive to keep pain to a minimum. No matter what type of procedure we are performing. The aim is to keep you as comfortable as possible.


Remember though a root canal is still a fairly major procedure. Minor levels of discomfort both during and after the procedure are completely normal. The tenderness should subside a few days after the procedure has been done. You may also notice some muscle fatigue in your jaw, this is from having to hold your mouth open for the duration of the procedure. This is also completely normal.

After a root canal, pain or pressure should only last a few days. If it persists for more than four or five days after the procedure be sure to contact us at Dentist Downtown Seattle. We want your recovery to be just as pain free as the procedure itself.


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