About Us

Welcome to Dentist Downtown Seattle! Our dental office is a full-service dentistry practice and we take pride in knowing that we can make your smiles brighter. We offer a professional, yet comfortable atmosphere that will even set the kids at ease. Our full staff of dentistry professionals make time to become acquainted with you as neighbors and friends. With a quick-witted staff coupled with a gentle caring demeanor, you will find smiles around every corner. We do our best to make you feel welcome and appreciated when you step through our doors. From children to the elderly, we will always have your best interests foremost in our minds.

We offer the latest in dental technology. This includes cosmetic services such as whitening and veneers. Our orthodontic service also includes Invisalign. Our goal to achieve optimal dental health by way of preventive and comprehensive dental services. Our dentists are second to none and will sit down with you to discuss your options openly and honestly. Many people need assistance in the correct form of tooth and gum care as well as other preventive measures. We take oral hygiene very seriously and want nothing more than to see you with a bright and beautiful smile!

Unique Patients Require Unique Care

We know that no two people are alike and each person deserves their own unique care. The one thing that we all have in common to want the most beautiful and brightest smile that we can have. We want to give you that smile and the confidence that goes right along with it. With our preventive care, restorative dentistry, and cosmetic care, we can offer you a smile bright and dazzling! Nothing should stand in the way of wonderful dental health. We invite you and your family to experience our wonderful dental care.

Seattle Dental Clinic

We offer crowns and bridges, root canals, extractions, dentures, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, periodontic, implants, and more. You know that you’ll be in the best hands for all of your dental needs. Let us be the dental practice that you can count on.

If you have special needs or require special care, please do not hesitate to talk with us about it. We can work out a plan that is the perfect one for you! We stand by our commitment to offer you the best in dental care! Our office offers a soothing atmosphere and superb service. Our dental areas are fitted with the latest in technology and offer quiet privacy.

Don’t hesitate to contact our dental office or make an appointment online!


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